-Currently, I am unable to bill your insurance for lymphatic services.  Cash pay only. - Updated June 2018.

Pre-pay and Save:

     - Two 60 minute visits for $180.00 ($90 each) Secondary visit must be scheduled upon purchase  

     - Wellness program rates are 90.00 1st visit (70.00 + 20.00), 70.00 rate thereafter for 3 months, no limit on visits. Wellness renewal rate 90.00 after 3 months. No contract.   

Payment at Time of Service private pay: (Gift Card, Cash, Check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express)

1 hr $100.00- $160.00

 Payment When Insurance is Billed: 

     - 1 hour: $160 4 units of Myofascial Release CPT code 97140

     -  1 hours $ 100.00 4 units Medical Massage CPT code 97124

     Lymphedema referrals are welcome, however at this time, only private pay accepted, no insurance billing for services.

 (Lymphedema treatment depends on case by case, and may require more that 6-8 treatments)  Measuring for custom and non- custom garments are fitted at last session upon completion of treatment. All garments are measured in office.


     - Important information for you:

If your insurance requires a pre-authorization, please call and request a authorization prior to your visit. Otherwise, your visit will be private pay/ cash. Some insurance have a grace first time visit, and then I will be able to ask for more care if need be. Forms are filled out and faxed in to verify you are approved for more visits. Approvals may take 2-7 days and there is no guarantee, thus you may be liable for the duration and number of visits already rendered during care. 

When you arrive for your first appointment, please know your massage coverage benefits. I will bill the first visit claim and report any Co-pay or Co-insurance payments made against the billed amount.

Patients are responsible for the adjusted amount, not the billed amount ($160.00). Most insurance companies I contract with have negotiated a reduced contracted rate which I agreed too. Thus, you will not owe any remaining balance other than your contacted rate at time of service, a Co-pay or Co-insurance rate. If your insurance denies the visit, you will be billed my normal $100.00 rate. 

Example: Regence contracted rate is $67.23 before deductible is met. You owe this amount time of service. If patients deductible is met, then a co-pay or co-insurance is applied either flat rate $5.00 to $30.00 OR Co-insurance of 10%, 20% or 30% will be collected. You may wait for the claim to be submitted before owing your set rate.

"For patients with insurances that I am contracted with, when I bill your insurance for you and they allow the claim, you will receive a "contractual adjustment" of the billed rate of $160 for 60-minute session. You are not responsible to pay the contractual adjustment."

I turn no one away, and will see anyone whom makes an appointment regardless of race, religion, creed or financial difficulty. I have a wellness program that fits anyones budget. Yes, you may bring children inside my office room where the treatment is done) if they can quietly read, tablet, color) , spouse or close friend to the visit, no animals- at this time. 

Co-payment is due at the time of service, unless otherwise directed. We will bill your insurance company for you.

Missed appointment, or cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged $50.00.  Note the difficulty in replacing your reserved spot for therapy.   

The Following Forms of Payment are Accepted:

     - Cash

     - Check

     - Medical Insurance

     - Labor and Industries

     - Personal Injury Protection 

     - 3rd Party Insurance ( limited 6 sessions before payment is required)

     - Gift Cards

     - HSA cards ( Health savings account credit card) 

     - Visa

     - MasterCard

     - Discover

     - Most all major credit cards not listed

    - Medicare and Medicaid do not currently cover medical massage therapy.


Payment When Billed (Your responsibility if insurance is maxed or denied)

Missed appointment or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, will be charged $50.00

Contact us for more information about your insurance coverage, questions about care, wellness program or scheduling an appointment. Email, Text or Call. 360-990-9511

Best in Health,

Sandra Whiley, LMP, CLT